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What makes a rug modern?

modern rug

What Is a Contemporary Rug?

A modern or contemporary rug is a piece of art all on its own. Instead of following the style traditions established hundreds of years ago, a contemporary rug definition is a looser fit. This rug style can be as unique as the individual who purchases it. A contemporary rug vs. a traditional rug is easy to identify. While one features a more sophisticated feel, the contemporary rug can be fun, playful, formal or romantic. No matter the color, design or style, the contemporary rug is a unique accessory on its own.

modern rug

Characteristics of a Contemporary Rug

Some contemporary rugs look like pages from an architectural guide, or they might use bold colors, contrasting elements or geometric patterns. Some contemporary rugs even exhibit retro features, almost similar to art deco, while some are completely original works of art.

A contemporary rug, by most definitions, is not going to look like any other rug you’ve seen before. The patterns are often modern and less intricate. Some feature bold patterns strewn across the entire area of a rug, or perhaps they have a few bold images, such as a flower or other still life, positioned in one area of the rug.

modern rug decorationContemporary Rugs and Your Home Decor

A contemporary rug might be harder to nail down. With so many options, deciding which one is right for your home can be downright tricky. Consider pairing a contemporary rug with more eclectic furniture or accessories. Contemporary and modern looks often push the envelope and add an element of fun to a room. A little spunk in your home décor never hurts.

Keep these tips in mind when you start shopping round, and they should help you choose the right contemporary rug for your home:

  • Find the right size rug: In a living room, for example, you want a rug large enough to be able to put at least the front legs of each furniture piece on top of the rug. Having the rug running under the furniture makes the rug feel infinite in size, and therefore larger.Don’t use the rug as an anchor for a single piece of furniture alone, like the coffee table. In a bedroom, you’ll want the rug to run under the bottom two-thirds of the bed. A smaller rug can look more like a bathmat for as soon as you rise out from under the covers.
  • Don’t hide the rug: Consider the types of furniture you have in your home when you choose your contemporary rug. If you have bulky furniture, consider a rug with an all-over pattern that can still be viewed when the furniture covers some of it. If the rug has a singular design element on it, such as a large flower or other object, consider furniture with exposed legs and a more airy feeling to it. This way, you can enjoy the elements of both your furniture and the rug.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns: If your furniture has a print, don’t be afraid of adding a print on your rug, too. The best style rule to follow is to look for a pattern that is a different size than the rest of the furniture. One of the smaller patterns will act as a background, while the larger one pops. If you have a pattern elsewhere, stripes also make a good contrasting design, whether it’s against a floral pattern, polka dots or something more geometric.
  • Make sure your furniture style won’t change soon: Most people keep their furniture a lot longer than a rug. This can be a plus. It can be fun to switch out a more affordable décor option, such as a rug, if you want to refresh or makeover the space a bit. But if you feel like you don’t love your furniture, or you know you’re going to change it up within the next year, consider getting a more solid grip on your furniture style before you invest in a rug.

Is a Contemporary Rug Right for Me?

Choosing a traditional vs. contemporary rug might seem like an obvious choice, if you feel you know your style. If you’re still not sure, take some time to look around the room and inventory your furniture. What are you trying to say with the space? How do you want to feel when you enter? Answering these questions can help you decide which style is right for you.

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