Carpet Warehousing

Throughout history, various types of woven carpets have played an important role in human life. Due to the very sensitive and vulnerable nature of carpets to environmental conditions, they need more careful protection and maintenance. Carpet is a valuable commodity that can remain healthy, usable, glorious and beautiful if properly maintained. Also, due to the fact that the production of different types of carpets requires a lot of time and money, its proper storage is very important.

carpets warehousing
carpet warehousing

Determining the storage location according to the characteristics of the carpet raw materials

Physical properties of carpet raw materials is one of the factors that determine their location in the warehouse. These characteristics include weight (heavy and light items) and type of packaging such as bags, cartons, bundles, boxes, cans or in bulk, which form their dimensions and appearance. The quality characteristics of the raw materials of the carpet (perishability, flammability, etc.) also have a great effect on determining the location of the product. Therefore, after determining the location of the goods in the warehouse, the shelf, floor and row for the goods will be determined.

Storage of machine-made carpets

The best way to store machine-made carpets in large numbers for a long time is to lay the carpets on top of each other. Make sure that the storage space should not have any moisture. Another factor that damages carpets is the excessive heat of the environment. At Ruby Rug, we use a digital hygrometer to measure the humidity in the warehouse, because moisture and heat can cause mold on the carpet, bad odor, discoloration, and poor quality.

Construction specifications of Ruby Rug carpet warehouse

The important point for preparing a carpet warehouse is that its location is appropriate to the nature of the carpet. Some of the construction requirements are:

  • Having the necessary scope
  • Have enough light and air (equipped with air conditioning)
  • Availability
  • Having the right building materials, high ceilings, and adequate windows
  • Access to vehicles
  • Having a suitable route for passing fire trucks


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Carpet storage methods

The method of placing carpets in the warehouse for storage is flat, or roll.

Flat method

This method is the best option for storing carpets in storage. In this way, the pressures on the carpets are minimized. Due to the limited storage space, this method is usually used in the maintenance of small-sized carpets or special carpets or very damaged and fragile.

In the flat method, carpets are spread on wooden boards, which are far enough from the ground, based on pre-defined categories such as geographical area, type of raw materials and texture, etc.

Roll method
In this method, the carpets are rolled, then they are laid on the board. This method is mostly used due to lack of space. Before doing so, make sure that the carpet is dry. One of the most important features of this method, in addition to safe storage of carpets, is their less space, due to the limitations of warehouse space and the possibility of gradually increasing the warehouse inventory.

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