Carpets packaging for export

Product packaging is an important part that is very effective in marketing and selling. The importance of this issue is doubled when it comes to exporting goods. Thus, export packaging is an important part of the export of goods.

The type of export packaging should be chosen according to the purchasing power of the people, the culture and the taste of the people. In order to be able to have a good presence in the target market, you must choose the packaging of your goods according to people’s tastes, beautiful and elegant.

Today, product packaging is a combination of science and technology as well as art and creativity for better storage of goods in the warehouse, during distribution and transportation for shipping and export. The application of science and art in export packaging should be in such a way that in addition to meeting the needs of goods packaging inside the country can meet some needs of export goods such as providing security and health of goods in a variety of shipping routes.

The purpose of export packaging of goods is as follows

1) physical protection of goods; Protection of goods inside the package against pressure, temperature and severe shocks, etc.

2) barrier protection; Protection against the entry of oxygen, water vapor, dust and so on.

3) transport safety; In addition to protecting the goods inside the package, the material used for packaging must be such as to prevent damage during transport.

4) information transfer; General information about how to use, how to maintain, validity period of consumption and transportation of goods.

5) theft protection; Select the type of packaging so that it is not easy to open and also if it is opened, it can not be packaged in the first way is very useful in preventing theft.

6) Marketing; The type of packaging can be a factor to encourage the purchase of goods and better marketing.

Select the appropriate export packaging

In general, to choose the type of product packaging, two important factors should be considered, namely the physical characteristics of the product and the visual characteristics of the product. It is important to pay attention to the physical factor to protect the product and ensure its security in order to prevent physical damage in any situation.

important to pay attention to the physical factor to protect the product and ensure its security in order to prevent physical damage in any situation.

But the visual factor that is reflected in the packaging graphics plays a decisive role in how to communicate with customers and create visual attraction to buy the product.

Intuitive feature of export packaging

Export packaging graphics should be designed in such a way that at first glance it can introduce the product to the buyer. An innovative, attractive and informed graphic design in export packaging, in addition to informing, has an advertising and marketing aspect for the product and if Which is unique can encourage even buyers who are not familiar with the product to buy and make them try the product for once.

Physical characteristics of export packaging

The most important goal pursued by the physical properties of export packaging is the protection of goods. At the same time, it should be designed in a way that is attractive to product applicants. The type of product packaging must protect the goods against all risks in the transport and delivery of goods, storage and weather conditions.

Important factors that should be considered in the packaging of export goods include the following:

  • To be designed as durable and strong and against many changes in atmospheric factors and the occurrence of more physical and chemical factors, stronger and more durable.


  • Be consistent with the environmental discussions of target marketing


  • Comply with the rules required by the target market


  • Estimate sales by considering how long the product stays on store shelves


  • Consider the conditions of distribution of goods in the market


  • Financial considerations in choosing the type of packaging should be taken into account in a way that is economical in addition to efficiency and attractiveness.


  • Considering Iranian identity in packaging


  • Use of foreign languages ​​in packaging


  • Indication of domestic and international standards that can guarantee the good quality of the product.


  • Have a catalog and guide to inform about how to use the product and how to maintain it.


  • Print contact ways on packaging, contact phone, email, website address, company address Print clearly on the packaging and catalog of your products to leave a mark if needed.