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Why To Choose Us

Competitive prices

The global economic situation has caused the price as  one of the most important pillars in the trade. Many factors influence this pricing, including the raw materials used in it, the picks and reeds. Now the important issue is the ratio of price to quality. At Ruby Rug, we assure you that we offer the best quality and the most reasonable price at the same time.

High variety

Since one of our goals at Ruby Rug is to send carpets to all parts of the world, so we have to cover all tastes and lifestyles. That is why we have always tried to include diversity in our products. The result of this effort is more than 1000 types of sketches that we have exported to different countries. Some of these designs include classic, vintage, modern.

High quality

Machine-made carpets are produced with different quality grades, but each of them has its own prices. In the texture of 1st grade Ruby Rug carpets, all-acrylic heat-set yarns are used which causes quality, high durability and longevity and no lint. If the carpet operation is not done properly, its texture will be hardened and striped, and its threads will be shortened and lengthened. 

Customer custom design weaving

Some people are more inclined to a particular style of carpet, and this makes the businessmen of that country more looking for the desired designs of the people of their country. For the well-being of the importers of Iranian machine-made carpets, we turn customers’ favorite designs into sketches and, after obtaining approval from the customer, we proceed to weave it.

Years of export experience

Ruby Rug Company was established in 2009 with the aim of manufacturing and exporting the best Iranian machine-made carpets. Over the years, Ruby Rag has been able to gain a significant share of the carpet export market. And today, by joining the digital world and replacing modern marketing solutions with traditional ones, we intend to capture a larger part of the market.

Exclusive packaging

Product packaging is an important part that is very effective in marketing and selling more goods. Export packaging should be chosen according to people’s purchasing power, culture and taste. Today, product packaging is a combination of science and technology as well as art and Creativity for better storage of goods in the warehouse during distribution and transportation.